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Our walk with Christ is suppose to victorious. Battle fatigue is a real deal yes indeed but so is the power of God.

John 15:5 proves in the vine and abiding in it we will produce much fruit, I am no green thumb and I couldn’t grow a garden to save my life but something still tells me that in gardens there is still weeds that will try to choke out the healthier plants. These plants if they had legs lets say and they had to go and win the weeds to God in our minds it would be ridiculas for us to watch them mount up all the time with wings of eagles and soar to new hights. Picture this ok well I wonder if God at times dosnt think the same thing about us, after all oh how good it is to fly above the mess at times. Yet silver lining in clouds always loose thier concrete once reality settles back into our every day living. The hurricanes and sunami’s and mud slides of oppressive quality in our existence, need people willing to roll up their sleeves and walk through the valley of the shadow of death. We must remember that our God is an awesome God we must remmember that when He appoints us to a task He annoints us too! The just shall live by their faith not by their sight. Mercy brings us at the right times in our waiting on God to heights that we can from time to time rise above enabling us to see past the clouds of hinderance, but true spiritual practicality in every day walking (fainting not) places us in maturity lane and yes it is very narrow but remember so isnt the path that leads us to salvation, many are called but few find it. Wide is the road of destruction. To walk and faint not requires us to be able to press in not looking back no matter how bleak the picture seems.

The next time your waiting on God maybe you might consider it is going to be time to walk in His spirit right in the midst of the turnmoil, take off time for flights are ok yes they are in your waiting, but so isnt running and not becoming weary, some times we can get in God’s prescence in our lives that we can actualy see the process of our fulfilling God’s thots and plans for us speed up. Hey this is day and age where things have to speed up things are happening swiftly, in saving this for last one may say the 2 parts were reversed in scriptural context yes this is correct. But a baby learns to walk befor they run too! Baby lets get stronger lets run the race come on church were able God says so. Were more than conquerors amen?

What yall say? Still want to pout I mean sprout those wings

Food for thot I certainly hope, hey I am fed!


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