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Regardless of whether you are Christian or not, this is not the way we’re meant to live. This is not a battle of whether women can survive or their own or not. Whether women can even out with men.

If you’re a Christian, God’s plan is for us women to be submissive to our dear husbands, not be doormats. This means we live & love him & he reciprocate in the same manner. Yet we women (out of guilt) always try to get even & supercede men. This has result in the evil & vicious feminist movements. Feminism is an evil in today’s society. This is bylarge leading more women away from men. We’re trying to put up a useless struggle against our men. One the contrary, we women are the glue in families & in loving relationships. So we should be proud of our roles & make peace & harmony in all our homes and marriages.

Yet in homes and relationships where women like their men to be the head of the family or relationships, those relationships really enjoy a lasting relationship.

Don’t forget men are the the heads, but we women are the necks, thus able to turn them around, but yet to be done lovingly.

Down with feminism.

Love & Peace, Pass It On.


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