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Jesus when you died for us on the cross you did so so we would be set free so we would be free of our burdens,pains,sicknessess,depressions and many other yokes of satan.LORD you have said in the book of Mattew that we bring all our burdens unto you and take up your yoke for it is easy to carry. Jesus i know that you are able to carry the burdens of Betsy. God i know that you are able to save her from carrying loads which we have already been set free from. and so LORD i speak healing on Betsy’s Brother- LORD Heal that cancer in the name of Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit remove and break the yokes that Betsy is carrying in Jesus name.let her live in an atmosphere of Joy and peace in Jesus name.Jesus show her your ways and lead her into your paths- I pray for her fiancee’ and ask that if it is your will that they be husband and wife then God i pray that before they get married he accepts you as LORD over Him in Jesus name- I pray for a life of Joy and peace for Betsy- Let her see you will for her in this world, let her look at you when the storms come- give her wings to soar above the winds in Jesus name- she need not be overcome by the harsh winds of the storm but she can find strength and encouragment in you Jesus.You have not left her God and you love her so much and so i ask that you help her in Jesus name.

I ask in the mighty name of Jesus Christ- i give thanks and All Glory to the King of Kings and to the Holy one Of Israel.. in Jesus name i pray..Amen

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