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Pam Adams

Father God,

I come to you in great humbleness Lord. I pray Lord that you snatch Betsy from the enemy that has her bound. This is your child Lord crying out to you. Satan has her believing that you don’t hear her cries. With your annointing power I pray that you loose every shackel and break every yoke. You said that your yoke is easy and your burden is lite. Give her a sign O’ God to let her now that you’ve been carrying her the whole time! She needs to know that in the midst of the storm dear God you’re right there. She needs to know that our storms and trials come to make us stronger. She needs to know that your are the calm in the storm. Father God I ask in the name of Jesus that you send you angels to encircle this child and shield her from the tricks and despair of Satan. With your power Lord, I bind this demon in the name of Jesus. Strong man, you have no bearing over this child she belongs to the Lord! In His name I command you to release my sister and to remove yourself from her mind, and her home. BE GONE! GET THEE BEHIND IN THE NAME OF JESUS! Father I pray that you bless her indeed and enlarge her territory. I thank you for her new job and thank you for the deliverance of her depression and I thank you for her sound peace of mind. Her heart is heavy Lord, allow her strength to endure as you calm her storm. Speak swiftly to her Lord and allow her mind to open up to you and to understand your will and your purpose for her. Open her ears to hear your word and feed her Lord for she is hungry. Bless this gentleman in her life father God. Use her to help him see the glory and awesomeness of you. Give him a mind to want to be saved. Father God, let not her will be done but yours. I thank you Lord for what you’ve done in her life and I thank you for what you’re about to do right now! Clean this house O God. In Jesus name I pray.


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