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I am busy getting ready to put together and head up a team to go to Ghana Africa in August/September-for 2-3weeks! There is so much hunger,despair,sickness and other needs to be addressed. I am still in the planning stages, and also feel the need to be ready to do a story that I will bring back to the US to air.The story will begin here in the US showing all the help that was given and people who helped. I have a friend that is a pastor in Ghana and we are planning to combine our teams, as well as looking for a few doctors to come with us. We will be going into the villages to minister, pass out donations, teach them how to plant seeds and show them Jesus. I have so much yet to do in the way of collecting much needed supplies for the people in the villages, and doing fundraisers, AND getting a team together. It is my prayer that we will bring to them hope; food, meds, clothes,bibles,computers, shoes, seeds to plant, well as to do a story.

We are in need of Volunteers to package item, volunteers to join our team, Truckers, Doctors are needed as well as medicines, we need donations of clothes, sandals, food, bibles, christian books and magazines, hygene supplies, school supplies, toys for the children, money and anything else you casn provide. YOu are also welcome to email me for a complete Fundraising kit-if you would like to help raise money in your area. To volunteer, please contact me and ask a voluteer kit. Please pray about this and if you feel a calling to help in any way we would greatly appreciate anything you can do-contact me. Sue

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