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Precious LORD, king of all glory thankyou for this post, LORD i place it into thy Holy hands and thankyou for all that is in it,i cover Troy with your blood Jesus,i cover him in an enviroment of peace and light, shower his life with blessings let your angels protect him,father i overcome drug addiction,he hates it and yet it still sticks on him, Jesus win this battle for Troy,change his life,give him light and joy in his heart, LORD show him the way,teach him the truth and give him life,you are the life Jesus and he has come to you,i know you will help him, LORD thankyou because you are a merciful,thankyou because Troy will live a life that is holy and acceptable before you,LORD i declare him victorious over drugs,fears,past pains and anything that does not give glory to Jesus in his life,LORD God thankyou for Troy and for his son.Father in Jesus Christ’s name i pray and believe ..amen

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