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Hi Carol,u have help– his name is Jesus christ- the LORD, let not satan remind you that you have made financial mistakes, God is not bothered by that God wants to help you out,God can never refuse to forgive you, God has a soft spot for people who need forgiveness he is quick to forgive us, he loves you so so much me dear- now i want you to tell satan one thing, let him know you are a child of God and he has no right as to remind you of the past things, tell him in his face that you have been blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places, let him know that you are seated with Jesus in the heavely throne, let him know you have been given power and outhority over him, you have been given to tread upon him and nothing is going to happen to you, let him know that the the whole heaven is for you and ask him who he thinks he is- he is a looser who is headed for hell, soon Jesus is coming back for you and he is going to hell for eterninty, let him know you are loved, santified by the Holy Spirit, and you are GOD’s child.

Rebuke satan and he will go away- use the scripture to do so.

Lets shame the devil now.

Satan shame on you, you have no place disturbing my sister’s marriage, financial situation, and life when you know too well that you were overcome two thousand years ago, shame on you all of you demons for sticking yourselves in her life, and now i rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ that you may leave her and go to the bottomless pit where you belong, get out of her life in Jesus name and go to your father the devil for soon you are going to burn in hell.i speak the blood of Jesus upon Carol in Jesus name, i cover that marriage in the blood of Jesus, i overcome all evil attacks in the blood of Jesus, and i speak peace, love, unity,joy in that marrige in Jesus name. LORD let them see you and let them work and serve you together in love and let them grow to love each other even more deeply in Jesus’ame.

My dear- do not loose heart the LORD is with you – he never refuses to listen to our prayers,

peace and victory.


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