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Dear Sharri, Welcome to Praize. Yes I, and I’m sure many others, have felt like you have and I know how disheartening and discouraging it can be. BUT you are in an awesome position right now with studying Rick Warren’s book, I’m assuming, The Purpose Driven Life. Pray my sister during this study and reading. Also if at all possible finish the suggestions in each chapter. If you can keep some focus even when you feel at a loss of how to do it, He will call Your name and answer the needs you’re expressing. I and many others have been so blessed by this study and I pray the same for you.

Father God, I pray for a lifting of this depressive veil that is overshadowing Sharri. Lord bless and enrich her during this study and in each step in her life. I ask that she believe she has great value and the one she is of most value to is YOU!!

You love us so much Lord. May Sharri be able to refocus and believe in this. Bind satan away from her, the liar who is causing her to doubt and have feelings of aloneness and discouragement. Lift her up Lord in all ways. Supply any and all needs that are there. May Sharri give You all the glory when, not if, but when all her prayers in this matter are answered. I thank You Lord in advance for hearing this prayer. Amen

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