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Susie A


Life has its good & happy times, but it is hardly ever “easy” or meant to be fulfilling all the time. There will always be hard seasons, including challenges, losses,difficulties, and boredom. How we (as christians) respond to these things hinges on the degree of personal relationship we share with Christ. If we want something above that, or outside of it, things will go unchanged, and continue to be just what we’ve made of them. We can either travel through every moment of our lives with Christ, or we can move through this earthly life by shutting Him out. If we do, we can expect no more than what we see in front of us. And hope for the future is blinded . When Christ said “It is finished” (or acomplished)… He meant it. It was the truth. He won! He experienced the victory of overcoming death, not just physical death, but spiritual. Spiritual death is to live in darkness…and the scriptures yield the meaning of darkness to mean misery, pain, sorrow, suffering, etc…the absence of God’s light. Understand, that our earthly lives at most–can only point us to God & our need for Him. Earthly life is transitory (changing & temporary) and cannot be relied upon to fulfill us. We can brace ourselves, and do our best to buffer the ride… or we can jump on the bandwagon with Christ, and enjoy life because He lives and is victorous, and knows how to care for our every needs.

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