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Diane Barnes

Hi Matthew, I think your song is very good. There are web sites you can go to…to hook up with like minded people. I am a song writer/singer and am a member of christiansongwriting.org. I have a thread about it in this section…”Heads up song writers”. Might want to read it. They will help you with anyting. All genres of music! Your kind of music is needed today. Lots there to make music, come up with tunes, if you ask someone to collaberate with you.

I also belong to songramp.com…not christian but they do the same type of thing…in the writer’s room forum. There too, you can ask for help with tunes and musicians to collab with.

Lots of people to reach. Lots of styles of music to do it! Use the gift God gave you and let Him always direct you and it will be powerful!

God bless you,


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