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Thank you for your response. When I received my first vision in 1997 the Lord spoke to me specifically and immediately, write the vision, warn the people of what is coming. He has also confirmed this to me in His word and through many witnesses.

I thank and praise God for salvation and for many wonderful things. I thank and praise God for his holy word which is unchangeable, all powerful and never fails. I thank God for his word because it helps me to understand myself and understand my God. He said, my sheep KNOW my voice and another they WILL NOT follow.

I also thank and praise God for the gift of the Holy Spirit, for truly I see the wisdom in God’s giving us His spirit to dwell in us, to lead and guide us into ALL truth and to show us THINGS TO COME.

I also thank and praise God for the giftings of the Spirit, the word of knowledge and the word of wisdom as well as the wonderful gift of tongues and prophecy with dreams and visions. Without these gifts we would we be totally carnal and walk as mere men. But I see the wisdom of God using the giftings in the body of Christ to lead and guide us, give us wisdom and discernment in all things.

I understand your apprehension, and truly the subject is in some respects laughable, and understandably so – as the media has used disinformation to trivialize the truth. This is a great and masterful art of deception.

Also God chose the foolishness of this world to confound the wise. He takes the wise in their own craftiness and because of doubt and unbelief many shall reject the truth and receive a lie (II Thes. 2:1-10).

God has also revealed the dual reason he has chosen me to preach this message. One it is to warn the unsuspecting, for truly this vision is a telling of the truth and also a prophecy and it shall come to pass. I have already been told and am very much aware that not many will hear my words, but when they come to pass the hearers will have options. Through my silence, their options would be lost.

Secondly, God is testing me. Will I preach what he told me to preach, or rather what is more comfortable and acceptable for myself. Will I risk humiliation and persecution? Will I be a fool for Christ? I think the answer is obvious.

May the Lord add a blessing to the reading and the hearing of His holy word. Amen.

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