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Why God has not created heaven in the first place?

Just heaven I mean. Think about it, if it had been the will of God, God would had created an Eden for us to live in it, with no worries.

Wait! That is what God did!

And yet Adam and Eve sinned. And God ‘allowed’ them…

God has chosen to give us free will, else God would have created puppets, not human beings.


Apparently God loves freedom. Yet freedom can be misused. God ‘allows’ people to blaspheme against Him, even allowed His only son to be C R U C I F I E D and scorned.

We must understand

a) God suffers with us. He did so at the Cross and does every day

b) God is angry at sin and at sinners, even though he loves every one. This is not contradictory, you can be angry with your child precisely because you love her or him.

c) Paul called himself the prince of sinners, yet Jesus offered redemption to him too

d) Every person who suffers is to be dealt as if he or she were Jesus (see Mathew 25:40something ) and hence an opportunity for us to grow in godliness

e) The child victim, the victim of any sin can, with the help of God overcome that pain, use it to his or her perfection and be an example for the rest of us.

Last but not least consider child abuse was an accepted rule of life of pre-christian Europe to the point that child slaves were

trained for that purpose, after castrating them…

The solution to this sin and all sin, is hence to walk more closely to God, but this is not going to happen in a global scale, because as the Bible says and history confirms the world hates God and his ways.

In Christ

who loves you like crazy


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