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Having been sexually abused by three persons through my childhood, and have had the anger you seem to express, I know how frustrating it can be to accept any answer.

But I have found one answer that is “universal” with the word of God. That is, it’s an answer that just is, like it or not, it is the answer: that part is frustrating, but if you love God and his word it is also an assuring answer.

We know God hates sin.

We know he hates sin with a Holy hatred.

We know the punishment for sins is death, and the lost sinner and eternal, literal burning in anguish and pain lake of fire.

Such a server punishment.

And what disgust God so much of sin that he deals so harshly forever with it?

2 reasons I know of.

1. He is Holy, and can not allow sin in Heaven.

2. And mark these words, SIN IS SO BAD, EVEN THE INNOCENT SUFFER.

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