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Many things happen on the face of this earth.

I understand how you feel, and im sure everyone has questioned it, wether they are believers in Christ or atheiests.

The question is similar to asking, “Why does God allow my hand to get burned when i put it in fire?”

Now the young kids being molested are the victims, for sure, but we must also realize that every man makes his/her own decisions, and alot of times that’s at the expense of someone else. God didn’t make it happen, it was the person’s choice, but ultimately God will let that situation work out for the good, what was meant for that victim’s harm… however alot of people never get to that point in life.. because they never accept Christ, they never allow the stumbling block to be a stepping stone.. .they turn bitter and refuse God, and in the end are worst off.

The scripture does say All things work together for the good of THOSE WHO LOVE THE LORD, to those who are THE CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE.

Unfortunately things happen on this earth, and God ALLOWED His Son to be a ransom for us, that we may believe on Him, recieve eternal life, and be partakers of His Holy Spirit…but the man or woman who wants to abuse or molest a child chose not to accept or walk by the Spirit, they neglected a free gift, and because of it, someone hurts.

Every good and perfect gift comes from God.

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