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I just wanted to thank everyone who prayed for me and thought I would give you an update. I am now in a much better place emotionally and feel as though I have found my realtionship with God again. So thankyou all so much for your time. (also thanks for the advice it did help and I guess in a way that was what I was looking for.) Um, maybe though people should be carful about insinuating someone was a bad wife?! That kinda knocked me as I dont believe that I was, his head was turned by someone more attractive and interesting then me is all but I dont think I could have done anything differently. Sorry to add this as I really appreciate your prayer its just so that next time someone submits a post like mine no one else is hurt.. Anyway, I want him to be happy and if that is what she does then so be it, I spose in my heart I still wish for a reconciliation if its Gods will as He knows best and this is something I have come to have peace in. So I guess if you anyone wanted to pray that Gods will be done in this situation that would be great. Thanks again to all of you and I hope I havnt offended anyone… God bless you all, Leis.

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