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If everybody ate like they do in India, the earth could feed 11 billion people.

The problem with just using statistics like this is that they fail to convey the whole story. For instance, what price is India paying to supposedly “feed” this many people? That price includes malnourishment, disease, squallor — some of the worst in the world. Here’s some statistics for you. India has an infant mortality rate of 6.3 percent. When the child reaches one, it gets worse 8.7 percent. To put this in perspective, of a total of 10.6 million child deaths worldwide, 2.3 million are in India; 1 out of 5 pregnant women dying annually are in India alone. One in every three of the world’s malnourished children lives in India, and about 50% of all childhood deaths in India can be attributed to malnutrition.


u guyz are missing the point here…

Actually, you are the one mistaken. The harmony and peace you speak of has nothing to do with what we eat, it is human conflict that does. You could turn everyone in vegetarians, but if you do nothing about human conflict among ourselves, then the “harmony and promised peace” will never prevail.

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