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jim fisher

rion asks: . . . so my point is,how did it all started,how does it benefit us and what can be done to end it all. . . .

We cannot “end it all,” rion, not in this dispensation, because . . .

. . . God commands the Christian not to judge another on the food they eat, their drink, the way they spend their Sabbath. . . . (Col. 2:16)

It is the NT Law of the Conscience. (It is up to each person how these things are to be observed, to be between God and them.)

The above notwithstanding, the Christian is also commanded to live in a way, insofar as it is up to them, that does not offend the conscience of others—the Law of Love (Rom. 13:8–15:3a and 1 Cor. 8:1–11:34). (Which might, at least for some and at some times in their life, necessitate being a vegetarian.)

brother jim


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