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The resurrected Christ ate meat, it makes me think our resurrected bodies can eat too.

I myself am an almost vegetarian. I used to be a lactose-ovum vegetarian–I have added chicken and fish about once maybe twice a week. I always suggest people cut back on their meat intake as a matter of health. However, especially in the US, most people don’t really think much before jumping into the latest fad diet or even bother to read what is just good nutrition. It gives me very little hope that they will look into a healthy vegan/vegetarian lifestyle and that can be worse for them than their current diet.

A strict vegan diet will be lacking in vitamin B12, zinc, iron, omega-3 oils…. Things they don’t tell you the B12 in soy products is incomplete and does not work like B12 in meat. The best sources of digestable iron are found in meat.

A lack of B12 in the diet especially over a prolonged time can cause anemia, fatigue, numbness in hands and feet, weakness, a sore mouth, loss of apetite, and can cause mental confusion.

An iron deficiency (especially if in childhood when the body “goes through” more iron) leadds to anemia as well. Also if iron deficient in childhood they will have cognitive and psychomotor problems. As a note if you are taking iron pills and coffee or hot chocolate at the same time you just wasted your iron.

Zinc while found in plant sources is not as easily digestable as when it comes packaged in your chicken. Lack of zinc lowers your immune systems function, you have low levels of T-cell lymphocytes, there is poor wound healing, etc.

Then the omega-3 fats… deficiency it is associated with causing ADD and dyslexia (myelin sheath can’t form properly), depression, alterations in seratonin and dopamine levels (this has to do with depression and other mental illnesses), compromised blood brain barrier (it’s bad to compromise this. go read about it if you have no idea what it is), a decreased blood flow to the brain, and a deficiency blocks the phosphatidylserine (PS) levels (a natural antidepressant).

At any rate I don’t trust most vegans to know this. If I asked most of the ones I know if they are making sure to get adequate amounts of these things they’d look at me like I’m weird. The ones who do know end up popping pills for some of the above (which most pills work a lot less efficiently than getting the above from the source–MEAT).

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