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Susie A

>>” u guyz are missing the point here…the fact is that God the Allpowerful created animals with love,just as us.

so my point is,how did it all started,how does it benefit us and what can be done to end it all.

what would it be like if the table was turned around and thy start to feeding on us.


God created everything –with love, rion. He IS love, and love is the source & essence of His power. The scriptures instruct us not to argue over whether we should or shouldn’t eat meat, and it was left to the conscience of the individual. Animals are not equal with humans, in the fact that we were created as the center of God’s intentions & plans. The beauty and magnificence of His creation is just “gravy”…next to this. God is the source of all of creation, and through Christ, death is swallowed up in victory, so regardless of what we personally mourn over, we need to remember that death is not a BAD thing, nor is it a cruel END. Everything returns to God after physical death, including animals…and are still subject to His good plans for creation. Death does NOT stop God nor intimidate Him.

He who has begun a perfect work WILL FINISH it. Sure, we would likely be healthier & live better if we were all vegetarians, and yet it isn’t paramount to the spiritual progress of people…unless of course, it violates their conscience to eat meat. Killing animals for food, is not an issue that determines whether we are in right-standing with God, the scriptures, or each other. Man looks at outward appearences, but God is always looking straight into our HEARTS. I can eat chicken, fish, other meats, and at the same time nurture an injured animal back to health, and feel for his personal pain. But before I would become an activist for the right of animals not to be eaten…I would first focus my concerns on the unborn babies that are slaughtered daily & yanked from the very place that should be protective & safe for them. Why? Because man is the center of God’s focus & plans, not animals.

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