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Country Doc

Hi Al,

You have ask a very good question. I’m rather suprised that no one here in these forums has made a response to your question. Unfortunately I came across your question while answering another thread which I still have to finish. I will give you a very good web site that has a variaty of very good materials, inclding study guides, tapes, DVDs/CDs, archived lectures, ect. The most important feature is a direct link for asking any question about any topic or subject about the Bible. The site is called Amazing Facts. The web address is: http://amaizingfacts.org. If you have further questions, or if I can be of sevice in anyway, please feel free to contact me at any time. Here at Praize it’s: thecountrydoc@praize.com. Or you may reach me directly at: thecountrydoc1@yahoo.com.

Respectfuly your brother in Christ,


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