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Hi Al : Nice hearing your approach very caring and Godlike.

Me personally ” The bible is inspired ” there are different translations, different authors, different angles talked and preached about ” There is still in all that a common foundation

( Its the same God in every case ) and comparing the Bible to an Autobiography, when you know the Person they are speaking about or writting about ETC, it really doesn’t matter that much.

Some have different names for the same God . As I said when you get to know This God Personally things change, reverence for Him changes when you are walking and communicating with Him .

Even so God inspired the saying ” Condescend to the man of low estate…” in other words meet people at the level of their understanding.

Jesus must have held in so much while walking and Preaching or sharing the word of God, with All that He knew.

Finally Proverbs ” implys don’t be quick to give an answer if you don’t actually have one ”

regards Michael a servant and Minister of the Lord Jesus Christs

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