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Hi Matt

You say that you’ve read all of the scripture that’s been posted and still cling to your theory?

Well, that’s why I’m asking you to take the scripture that various people have posted and give us your exegetical analysis of them, since obviously you don’t accept the clear (to me) interpretation of them.

That’s why I’m asking you to SHOW us where it’s been mistranslated or misinterpreted, in your opinion.

Also, if your theory is correct, surely somewhere in the 66 books of the Bible would be found an affirmation of your oxymoron, a ‘righteous practicing homosexual’; we’d really like to see it, if it exists.

The Bible is full of descriptions of how God created the sexes, and how He wants us to relate to each other, and in what kinds of relationships. Surely, if your theory holds water, somewhere, God would have affirmed the specific kind of relationship that you envision???

Unlike some who post here, I have no problem seeing people with a heart for God, and wanting to serve Him, and loving Him, with a ‘walled off’ area of their lives that is ‘off limits’ to Him. For some, it is an apparently insurmountable addiction to alcohol, or illicit (or prescription) drugs, or seemingly overpowering ‘urges’, like sexual addictions, pornography, internet porn, fornication, or yes, even homosexual urges.

Many of us have our private area(s) of personal defeat in our lives, that we can’t seem to master (or allow God to transform), they just aren’t necessarily as obvious as this one, so it’s easier for us to hide them, and pretend that all is well with our ‘walk’ with God.

Of course, the ‘sins’ of arrogance, or pride, or ‘murmuring’, or gossipping, or gluttony, many of which various ‘christians’ seem to find insurmountable, are much more socially acceptable in our churches than the more obvious sins that we decry.

Where we run into problems, ultimately, is when we decide that rather than admit them, and continue to seek change and healing, it’s easier to rationalize them and justify them. All we need to do is ‘re-interpret’ a few verses, and Voila! Our problem disappears! Now, if we could just persuade all of our brothers and sisters to accept our ‘new’ interpretation, all would be well, wouldn’t it?


What ultimately counts is if we are ‘justified’ in God’s eyes, not in our own, or each others’.

So, I for one am waiting for your clear exegesis showing us where we’ve mistranslated or misinterpreted all of the scriptures that have been put forth. Let’s have it, okay?


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