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Thank you for the kind words.

I’ve been ‘cursed’ with the ‘gift’ of seeing both sides of situations and stories; and it makes it much harder to be ‘in your face’ dogmatic.

For many years, you could probably say that I ‘hated’ homosexuals. And, I was quite blatant and confrontational about it. My excuse (reason) is that I had worked from a young (and young looking) teenager on in places that had a preponderance of them. I’ve been propositioned, threatened(with sexual assault), had it attempted against me, etc. Very blatant, considering we’re going back close to 40 years; quite typical of activist behaviour today.

It took a lot of years for God to work on me, to show me, through my own failings that I was far from perfect, and, on my own merits would have never deserved mercy or grace.

I have long thought that we can’t do a thing about ‘growing older'(after all, it beats the alternative, lol), however, if we have to ‘grow old’, the least we can do is to strive to acquire knowledge and wisdom and compassion and love as well.

How am I doing? Well, it depends on the day, and who you ask, but I believe that God is still ‘chipping’ away at the rough spots and corners; and it all has made and kept me painfully aware of my own total dependance on God’s mercy and grace, and Jesus’ atonement for me.

I try to bear in mind when someone online ‘grates’ on me that 93% of communication is nonverbal, and perhaps if I were talking to them in person, my perception of them might be quite different. (Hey, it’s my illusion, and I’m clinging to it,lol)

However, that remaining 7% that consists our posts, is all a non-christian sees when they visit this site. I still think that it behooves us to remember that—their brief visit to praize might be the only ‘glimpse’ of Jesus that they get in their whole life. It’s someone’s right to ‘reject Christ’ and His claim on their life; I just don’t want their rejection to be because of my attitudes, words, or lack of compassion and love, because then it might be on my head.


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