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Hey Joey:

I don’t know where you got the ‘anger’ from in my post—-perhaps I wasn’t communicating as clearly as I thought.

I was merely making some personal observations about the man’s website, which I read through; and no, I’m under no illusion that it’s necessarily your views. I got the picture that you wanted to show the rationalizations that Episcopalians use.

As far as the ‘gross’ factor goes, the ‘gay movement’ has been very successful at ‘marketing’ themselves as ‘just like anyone else’. Most heterosexuals quite probably have no idea just what practices are common among homosexuals, and I do suspect that the ‘gross’ factor would grow if people were aware.

However, I don’t discriminate—I find some heterosexual practices ‘gross’ as well!! (LOL)


“and I wish you luck in your battle against it.”


Back up the bus, Joey. I’m no Don Quixote, tilting at the windmill of homosexuality. I post my opinion on many threads on this site and others, but I’m on no crusade; if fact, this one is getting rather boring already.

The major crusade we all (those who name the Name of Christ) should be engaging in is ‘preaching’ the ‘glad tidings’, and bringing people to a knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Savior. When His life indwells us, a lot of the chaff just blows away.

God Bless you, brother,

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