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Hi Joey:

Interesting website, and obviously just as one-sided and biased as they accuse organizations like Focus on the Family and many Christian churches of being.

There is no apparent recognition that there are many words we use today to describe concepts ‘fleshed out’ doctrinally in the Bible, but not actually named by the ‘handle’ we have attached to them. The word ‘Trinity’ comes immediately to mind.

Also missing is any recognition of the fact that ‘interpretation’ is involved any time we look at scripture and try to extract the meaning from it. And the author of this website makes numerous unwarranted assumptions and draws conclusions not supported by the text, all to support his own agenda. (one can presume that, being a self-professed homosexual, bias on his part is inevitable)

He still touts the long discredited ‘Kinsey’ report on sexuality that claimed that homosexuals make up 10% of the population. Most studies in the past 25 years put it at somewhere between 1.5-5%. And, he goes much beyond this. He claims that the statistically revealed homosexual level barely represents 1% of their numbers. So, taking a median approximation of 3%, my math would indicate that he is claiming that homosexuals make up 300% of the population, a mathematical impossibility.

I could go on and on, but what’s the point? I found his arguments incredibly unconvincing. He makes sweeping generalizations and misrepresentations of Evangelical/fundamental Christians, and engages in ‘name-calling’ and vilifying on at least the same level as that which he decries in these groups.

IMHO, they’ll have to do a lot better than this; I can’t see this convincing many people who have a basic knowledge of the Word; granted, many people including Christians lack this same knowledge.


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