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heretocheeryouup said:

” I did not say that to be rude but just to clearify the wonderful observation you made.”


I honestly can’t tell whether this is sarcasm or not, so I won’t address it.


” Incorrect if you kill and do not repent and ask for forgiveness than you have sinned and go to hell.”

Given that an offence in ‘one point’ of the law is a de facto ‘breaking’ of all of the law, and given that Jesus made it clear that ‘breaking the law’ went far beyond the ‘letter’, then I am forced to assume that what you actually mean is that if we happen to die with ANY unconfessed ‘sin’ in our life, we go straight to hell.


“Sorry that should be common knowledge.”


Actually, Christians and theologians have disagreed on Soteriology (doctrines of salvation) for hundreds of years; either viewpoint is only ‘common knowledge’ if one’s experience and exposure has been limited to a singular viewpoint on the subject.

As I said, though, the issue of the nature of our Salvation is not really the purpose of this thread, and it has been addressed in a number of threads ad nauseum, so I hereby bow out and let the thread continue.


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