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Hey Matt:

I’m sorry if I seemed to be coming down on you—that wasn’t my intent. (forgiven?????)

I just know, from personal experience, how easy it is to formulate opinions without ever critically examining them both for logic, fact, as well as conformity with scripture; and I want to urge you to truly examine your position and your theories in the light of scripture especially.

There is a vast difference between mistranslation and misinterpretation; many times we misinterpret a verse or passage—that’s probably the root cause behind our plethora of denominations.

However, mistranslation? There are so many translations, especially in the last 100 years or so, that if your thesis were correct, surely someone would have gotten it right, wouldn’t you think?

We have copies of many of the books of the Bible that date back to 100 or more B.C., and the differences between them and the previously oldest copies from around 1100 A.D. are miniscule and don’t affect any essential doctrine, so I find it hard to believe that in this particular area, somehow, things got turned around 180 degrees.

There are excellent online sites where you can examine interlinear Bibles and see for yourself what the original word was and what word is used in the English translation–again, be like the Bereans were, examine the scripture for yourself to see if it’s true.

And lastly, don’t cling to an unfounded belief in the theory of ‘mistranslation’ just to avoid having to give up your favorite theory, okay?


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