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Kim Cabello

Hi, Ryan. Excellent response! However, we are obviously looking through two separate pairs of glasses.

To start, you questioned several of my responses that unnatural means it is wrong. Simply, unnatural would not coincide with nature and if in fact you believe that we have evolved FROM nature, than how can you conclude that the unnatural does not mean out-of-place/incorrect/amiss/erronous/illicit…In other words, it is not “right.” Your preference for tall athletic blondes (as is my husbands!) and someone else’s preference for something entirely differing from yours cannot really be used as a good example. Preference is how God created us. To be attracted to someone of the same sex does not fit in with nature. It is not a preference, it is in opposition to what SHOULD be (even if we evolved, it would still anti-nature); PERVERSION. Do you have a medical bakground? If not, I would challenge you to research on hormones. A man and a woman are PERFECTLY suited for relationship. Two of the same sex ARE NOT. I am not permitted to judge anyone outside of the faith, therefore, I do not place judgment on such people. I do know for certainty, however, that a gay or lesbian CAN be counseled and healed. Therefore, if they can change (and I’m sorry, but do not tell me people change their minds, this is a medical condition) their sexual desire to what is natural, than something was not right to begin with.

Secondly, where does your knowledge of right and wrong come from? Who is to say that if I wanted to be a vigilanty and take the life of another human being that I wouldn’t be right? Or, what if I stole because my children were starving? Is this behavior ethical? My point is this, if you have ethics, where did they come from? If there is no God, how did we know right from wrong? Why hasn’t the world ceased to exist because we would have, by now, destroyed every living thing. What does this have to do with homosexuality? Everything…there is a definitive right and wrong in this world.

As for human copulation and survival of the fittest, how do two men create a life without the need of a female body? Ryan, if more people began to conclude that homosexual relations where acceptable and natural, the population of earth would drop drastically and if the world is still here 1,000’s of years from now, where would we be? This is not survival of the fittest, this is a weakening of the human race. Artifical insemination is not 100% successful, it is not 90% successful, it is not 80% successful (shall I keep going), and if I may, when a woman is artifically inseminated, generally SERVERAL eggs are placed within the womb. MANY times more than one of those eggs attach and life begins. Do you know the statistics for low birth weight as in twins and triplets, etc….? Do you realize that low birth weight often times has repercussions on mental intelligence? Or what about survival rates when three or more babies are born? Are you honestly going to tell me that this is survival of the fittest or survival of the most idiotic?! Science CANNOT take the place of natural conception and birth. It never will. It has a VERY HIGH failure rate.

Now to the point that statistically children are far more well-rounded and generally stay out of trouble when they are raised in a home with a father and a mother. They are statistically less likely to be involved with drugs, alcohol, gangs, violence and other destructive behavior. They are far less likely to be depressed and generally have better health due to healthier out-looks. They are far more likely to succeed and start a “traditional” family. Hence, survival of the fittest!

As for your comment regarding disease and sin. You are sorely lacking in the facts and again, Please go to Christian debates and read what I have posted. Although I warn you, it is VERY long. An unborn baby with M.S. has not sinned, but the human race has, therefore creating external factor that have GREATLY effected the human body. Examples may be chemicals, pollution, medical science and antibiotic abuse. I will not go any further with this until you read what I posted elsewhere. This topic is far to involved and easily explained WHEN you have the BASIC FACTS, which you obviously do not. (By the way, this is my educational background)

And, for your information, I am bold because I KNOW God is real and He is the Creator of Life. And, no, I have not bothered to look in the Atheist Debates before this. I guess I never really took it seriously. Ryan, I would love to speak with you further on many topics. Evolution is one. Recorded history IS the beginning of human history. There is no substantial proof that life was before this. Cave man was nothing more than a mistake of science as the skull was not human and another was found to be afflicted with arthritis. Do you honestly believe you came from an APE? Ryan, I would like to think you have more dignity than that! Apes would not be here if in fact evolution was fact. Evolution means just that, to evolve into something greater, or to change in order to survive the NATURAL environment. COME ON! Be serious! It takes far more faith to believe in Darwanism.

Anyway, you are very intelligent. I hope you will use this to your advantage. I would not be in here if I did not feel that God can use you.



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