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your question is an interesting one.i am cathoilic to the core and have through his body the church found a wonderfull relationship with jesus christ. i believe homo sexuality to be morally wrong. but why do i believe this?. is it just my opinion among billions of opinions?. truth?. what is truth?. does truth exist?. is truth absolute?. is truth relative?. your question seeks truth and i hope by this definition you honestly seek that truth even if the truth is not what you would like it to be. when giving my personal opinion on something, anyone who hears that opinion has the right to say to me “says who?”, every debate on any topic can end with the words “says who?” what am i to say to this, how do i reply?. i am not the ultimate authority! and no human being has the right or privelage to tell any other human being what truth is! this is what i beleive to be the problem with your question. if there is no god there is no truth.only god would have the right to tell anyone else what is right and what is wrong.i believe that it is impossible to answer your question apart from gods revelation to us in scripture.if i were in the presence of a million people who truelly believed that it was acceptable to make financial gain through lying i would not believe them even though i was out numbered. which proves to me that public opinion should not be the way to moral or ethical truth. we are confused as a human race concerning the topic of truth by the very asking of your question, a question that we have been asking ourselves from the very beginning of our history on this planet.hitler had a truth. napoleon had a truth. mother teresa had a truth.jesus has a truth.only jesus stated “i am the way the truth and the life” john 14-6. pontius pilate asked the same question two thousand years ago,he asked “what is truth?” john 18-38. jesus says “for this i was born and for this i came into the world, to testify to the truth. everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice”. john 18-37. only god has ultimate authority concerning truth. take god out of the equation and truth becomes only opinion and opinions vary. ultimate truth does exist but only in god who alone has the fullness of that knowledge which he imparts to those who honestly seek him.

as for your desire to argue truth to a strictly secular panel i wish you good luck! even secular people have beliefs concerning what is right and what is wrong. mother teresa could have argued

before that panel as could jack the ripper.and at the end of each of their presentations the panel may reply “says who?”. mother teresa would have said “jesus” jack the ripper would have said ………..well you fill in that answer!!. the truth on any topic becomes only opinion when no belief in god exists.the argument for ultimate truth is in this world between those who believe in god and those who do not.i pray you find him who is truth if you havent found him allready. god bless you!

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