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Bud Young

There is a lot wider variety of view points here than I suspected. God is in a lot of relationships beside traditional marriage. I find conflict in the relationships that claim Him even though the Bible calls them immoral. I know there is a “Christian” movement among active homosexuals. They make claims that the so-called “bashing” scriptures are mistranslated. There is a website called whosoever.org that explains this viewpoint very effectively. My statements do lack compassion at times. I do not have the answer to this question that will not go against biblical teachings. I don’t believe anyone should be treated as “less than human.” I enjoyed your post and your passion for what you believe.

As far as real terms are concerned. You pointed out the high percentage of out of wedlock births among African-Americans. I talked about the rediculously high divorce rate in this country in an earlier post. Especially pointing out this exists among Christians. This points to the moral decay in our country. I don’t even have to bring up abortion. Homosexual marriage will just be one more symptom. Will homosexual marriage make much of a difference on a societal level, probably not, it is just the hottest topic at the moment. Made abortion take a back seat, which is pretty impressive if you think about it. As for personally, in the big picture, I believe God will provide my needs no matter what happens. When it comes down to these are just my opinions based on what I know. I think we all know what opinions are like. Honestly, I am more concerned about my ability to discuss my beliefs in the public square being taken away. We do seem to be at a point that each of us is doing what is right in our own eyes.

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