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<< Homosexuality being an immoral lifestyle does not include God. Even if the government somehow acknowledges these relationships, they will only be legal in nature. Civil unions would protect their rights, but the liberals will not be satisfied with this because of the seperate but equal argument. The truth is you can call a relationship a marriage all you want but if God ain’t in it, it doesn’t mean much, even if it is a heterosexual relationship.>>

Wellll, I never! Thanks so much for dismissing my marriage of thirty years and three children and extended family caretaking. Great news for all those who create a secure and loving environment in which to nourish themselves and the next generation. “It doesn’t mean much.”

I suspect many non-christians would argue against that. I suspect many homosexual christians would also argue against that.

I hate to repeat statistics, but did you know that 70 percent of black children are born out of wedlock? That is ONE OF THE BIGGEST PROBLEMS IN THE COUNTRY TODAY! Do you realize how influential the christian church is with blacks…they would call themselves christians.

Not everyone considers homosexuality to be immoral and many gay couples have your deity in their lives. You can keep your deity in your marriage…that is okay, and you can have your civil union, too. Who cares, and why do you care what gay couples do, legally or spiritually?

Somewhere in this internet is a list of “rights” that “married” couples have over “legal union” couples, and it is a long, long list.

Other histories acknowledges homosexual unions, so why should we adhere to judeo-christian history?

I fail to see why tampering with the Constitution is being pushed for such a non-issue as a life style choice. It will not effect you or your marriage or your children, unless one of them is gay.

If you want to tell me exactly how it will effect or harm you and your family, please do so…I really want to know exactly of what it is you and your fellow christians are afraid.

Forget for a moment about the idea of eternal damnation, and speak in very real terms about what will happen if gays are allowed to marry. Please.

Jeanne, married in a church, but doing fine without it now.

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