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I am sure that is homosexual marriage becomes a reality in the US, God will deal with it. Probably by letting us destroy ourselves.

Why, I wonder, would God be so bent out of shape about this anyway?

The question to be answered is are we(the US) as a society going to allow our government to publicly acknowledge homosexual relationships as legitimate.

Then the question becomes are we going to ignore the equal protection clause or are we going to uphold it?

I made the statement that if God ain’t in it, it doesn’t mean much, if our government keeps going the way it is going it ain’t going to mean much either.

If it doesn’t mean much then why is it such a big deal to the religious people? Actually, I would say if our government keeps going the way it is going it will mean a lot! As we have seen with Bushism, our country feels the grave effects of our governments actions and if he continues on his trend of destroying the constitution for his own agenda, then we as American’s may be faced with a plethora of things that we would rather not be faced with. In my opinion, this means a lot!

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