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So then I must ask what I asked earlier: if God doesn’t condone homosexuality, then he will not acknowledge a homosexual marriage, so what is the problem with the state acknowledging it? As you said, for you marriage is a commitment between you and your wife before God, and that state acknowledgement is superficial. So, if God doesn’t acknowledge homosexual marriages then it is not the same thing as a heterosexual marriage that God does acknowledge. Therefore, the similarity would end in the name?

Regarding the traditional definition of the term ‘marriage’ as being between a man and a woman, it is important to note that, as society grows and acknowledges its inequities, it sometimes becomes necessary to change traditional definitions. For example, not all that long ago the definition of a human (from a social standpoint) was quite different than it is today; the prior definition excluded anyone who wasn’t white. Maybe it’s time for society to change the definition of marriage? If God doesn’t like it, why not let God deal with it?

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