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Sorry I misprinted some words!

Well, to find non-biblical responses you are in the wrong place but, I will be willing to give you are response.

1. If homosexual marriage is “right”. Then why does it take a man and a woman to create children? You can say oh they can just do artificial insemination. Well, then obviously they need a man to do that. And why can’t men be pregnant? As far as I know, scientist haven’t invented sperm.

2. If we are talking evolution, why wasn’t it man with man, and woman with woman from the beginning of time. And if it should have been that way, why has it been so hidden until recently?

3. If we are talking Bible based, God made humans, why then did he create a man and a woman, instead of 2 men, or 2 woman. And make it possible for them to reproduce?

To me, they have taken something beatuiful and made it ugly. I do not hate homosexuals, I just do not approve of what they are doing.

Enough answers?

God Bless,


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