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If God is opposed to homosexuality then he will not recognize a homosexual union so why do you care if the state recognizes it? Do you think the laws of man more important than the laws of God?

Dionysus…you’re right…you have to die…one day your body will be able to go on no more, but through Christ there is eternal life, now whether you believe that or not is your prob

I suppose one could respond that when we die, we die and that’s it. If you choose to live your life in the hopes of achieving something after life is over that is up to you, and your prob, but that may just be childish.

but since we’re on what is biblical and what is not

I suppose you know what is Biblical and what is not just like all the people in the Christian debate forum who can’t agree what is Biblical and what is not. The Bible is so ambiguous one could use it to justify almost anything (and many Christians have).

why does a secular world even care about marriage and what it stands for

Becuase in the secular world a marriage is a legally binding contract before the state and has nothing to do with any god. Basically, your conception of a marriage is completely irrelevant outside of your church.

they don’t even care for the God that established it, which if they are homosexuals they probably don’t since the Bible speaks against it.

The Bible also speaks against judging people and only those without sin casting the first stone, so obviously you don’t care about the God that established it either.

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