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Persuading people today about a controversial issue such as this being wrong to many of us seems hopeless!!!!

Here are my reasons, as reserved as I would be in stating them:

Last time I checked, everthing in the natural world is male and female, (AS GOD MADE IT THAT WAY) from all of the animals to the smallest plants, trees and shrubs!!!!

If everything in the natural world wasn’t this way, there would be nothing here!!!!Mating did not happen by accident it was devised and conceptioned purposely to be this way!!!! Even an evolutionist can not argue that in the natural world, everything hasn’t revolted against its natural state of being!!!If it had, it surely would have done so by now!!!!!(WHICH OH BY THE WAY CASTS A SERIOUS FLAW IN THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION)

Without ranting and raving, if anyone can add to this intellectually by giving convincing statements of fact and or reason, please do so…My philosophical mind is tired…

What I do know is it is far more difficult to persuade people of the secular mind than it is to rationalize with people that walk in the faith!!!!!

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