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Hello Dionysus

Hello concerning the genetic problems with inbreeding, Years ago in some states (I believe California was one of the states) they required blood testing because for some people, even though they aren’t related, their genetics aren’t compatible for having healthy children, and their offspring would be similar to those of inbreed parenting. When upon occasion it was determined that there would be problems with a couple having children, they weren’t forbidden from getting married, they were just warned of the problems of having children and they were allowed to marry anyway. If they wanted to allow incestuous marriages, they could just warn them of the problems of having children and allow them to marry anyway. I think the problem society has with incest goes much deeper than the problems with having children. And concerning Bestiality, in this country we kill animals and eat their flesh! It doesn’t get any worse than that! I don’t think we have earned the right to have such an altruistic attitude towards the ethical treatment of animals. I’m sure if “Porky Pig” had the option of being turned into pork chops or being molested, I am sure he would choose the latter. I think the problems we have with Bestiality goes much deeper than just animal rights!



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