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Hey Paul,

I had a little trouble making out most of your thoughts (too much coffee?), but did come across one that seems quite profound:

I say no matter what you nor anyone thinks God is God and He is going to have what He wants .

That would include you too. Homosexual marriages are, despite many attempts to block it, now legal in Massachusetts (and most likely will be in California in the very near future). So, maybe God is getting what he wants and you just don’t have any idea what it is he wants.


You also made a comment that you would never recognize homosexual marriages. That’s up to you, and, I’m sure no one but you is really concerned with whether or not you recognize them. The point is that now the state (the same body that recognizes your marriage) is starting to recognize homosexual marriages!

Yes I know about new scientifc research and adoption, but natural parents ones that can teach you to adapt into this world to carry on.

So anyone who doesn’t live with their natural parents can’t be taught to adapt into this world and carry on? Only natural parents can do that? Wow. So everyone who was adopted never adapted into this world, nor can they carry on? Uh-huh.

Commonology of mankind far out wieghs personal oppinions, so in a nut shell the truth points to hetrosexual marriages at least they make sense, and will serve to reproductive ends.

First, uh, ‘commonology’ is not a word. Second, marriage is not needed for reproduction. Third, since over 50% of all heterosexual marriages end in divorce, maybe they don’t make sense.

More hetrosexual marriages work then homosexual marriages or there would be less of us and thats a fact.

That is so obviously false I am amazed you said it. Since homosexual marriages have only been legal for a few weeks in California ( a couple months ago) and since last week in Massachusetts, the homosexual marriages that work is sitting at 100%. Yet heterosexual marriages are still at only 50%.

The world Population would be decreasing not increasing just another stat that seems to go unnoticed.

That is what is known as a meaningless statistic. Just saying the population is increasing doesn’t account for the reasons for the increase, and therefore doesn’t really tell us anything. Natality rates may be stable while mortality rates decline. Less people could be reproducing but the one’s who do do it more often. Etc. etc.

Blue Skies,


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