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Hello Dionysus

I thought I would throw my 2 cents worth in this conversation as well. When it comes to Homosexual marriage, I think the mistake that the advocates make is, (at least the ones I hear advocating the position) they do unto others as they accuse others of doing unto them! If you are going to say “Marraige is for concenting adults who love each other, then homosexuals should be allowed to marry. but you must also allow Polygamy, Incest, and any other lifestyle who wants to sit under the umbralla of marriage. If Marriage is going to be something special, than it should be excluded from everything except 1 man and 1 woman. I see the advocates saying, that they are being discriminated against for not being allowed to marry, but when somebody brings up the Mormons from Idaho who wants to marry 3 or 4 women, all concenting adults, or those people who may want to marry their sisters or parents, they get this “How dare you compare US to THEM!” attitude. They need to realize, many Hetrosexuals equate Homosexuality with Insest, Beastality, and any other perversion that comes to mind, so the attempt to legitimize this kind of behavior with marraige will be met with much resistant



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