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Chris Medway


You wrote:

Believe it or not, I like the Bible a lot for a couple of reasons: first, I think it contains some really interesting stories, and second, that it contains some really good messages.

Well, well. You seem to have got the message afterall. God is a pretty Good Author isn’t He. Shame about the interfering editors though, they have made it into a religious book to put atheists off the scent.

It’s not ALL alegory though. There is some History, poetry, wisdom literature and apocolyptic literature there too you know. All just as interesting and a jolly good read. I personallly started serious Bible reading from Song of Songs. Raunchy stuff . What did you learn from that? Very alegorical, even fundamentalists would agree! If literal, a bit embarassing having it in the Holy Book eh?

Can you see a parallel in Christianity and Taoism? I could! I might even suspect that Jesus was aware of Taoist thought. You know THE WAY, The TRUTH and the LIFE. What do you think?

By the way, you said Job is about not giving up, what do you think the Book of Jonah is about? It’s my favorite book, see if you can guess my philosopy?

Love Chris.

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