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Kim Cabello

I wonder, Ryan, why you would not choose to follow Christ as your remarks are more compassionate than some Christians I know. You are sincere, I believe, and I thank you for your reply. You are so very right that it is not the children of homosexuals that deserve such treatment, nor do the homosexual couples, for that matter. They are human beings like each and everyone of us. They, in my mind, are confused. I know you disagree, but perhaps my faith has lead me nearer this conclusion than the facts of what I consider “nature” in a scientific point of view. I do not expect that you should agree and I respect your position. I do not believe that either one of us will see through the others eyes, so I will agree to disagree. Fair enough?

I hope to continue our discussions, in perhaps other threads. By the way, what did you think of Lewis’ thoughts?

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