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Hey Jim,

Your apology, in my opinion, is not needed, but very much appreciated nonetheless; nine times out of ten, you would have been completely accurate in expecting a debate from me-

*checks head to see if temperature is normal*

I would have to say that, regardless of the inspiration for it, trying to live the life we think we should in comparison to the life we actually do, is sometimes very difficult, and anyone who engages in ‘continuous self-improvement’ has my respect.

While I have never (thankfully) had a problem with drugs myself, I do know that the addiction has mental and physical manifestation’s, which contrasts them with the various other addiction’s that attack one or the other; ultimately making it that much harder to overcome. If you were able to beat your addiction with Jesus by your side, then I say that is incredible, and offer my most earnest congratulations. However if a Muslim told me the same thing, with Allah instead of Jesus, I would feel the same way. I think that, regardless of the assistance you both received, there was that part in each of you that wanted to overcome the obstacle in front of you, and at the very least, you sought help in doing so; for that, I give you credit, applause and praise.

‘To err is human, to forgive is divine’

Thanks Jim!


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