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Hi Kim,

Well, it can be a very emotional topic, for all involved, so getting hot is understandable. I must apologize, though, as my comments regarding you being upset were based on the unwarranted assumption that you didn’t know any homosexuals. However, I have lived with close friends ‘coming out of the closet’, without any horror stories. Please remember, I have lived in and around Los Angeles my entire life, an area that is fairly progressive in terms of accepting homosexuals.

What has happened to your family is horrible, but I think children who come from broken homes (for whatever reason they are broken) go through similar issues of distrust, anger, and frustration, which often times results in similar destructive behavior. I don’t think the type of behavior your cousin’s ex-wife exhibited is acceptable (frankly, I think it is appalling), but don’t think it is representative of the way all homosexuals behave.

“Children of gay and lesbian couples can be raised to have a decent life, but that is rare. I know a few, Ryan, and they hate the parent that is gay/lesbian. It is humiliating and requires these children to have to defend their parents to their classmates. Does this added stress breed healthy children? NO! And it will never be fully accepted, therefore, children of these “unions” will always have the added stress of their parents being “different.”

I agree that, in some cases, this is very true. But I think this is the fault of the way we (society) responds to, and treats homosexuals. Unfortuantely, and I was very guilty of this in my younger days, kids can be extremely mean and uncompassionate towards anything that is different. What I realized when I got older, was that I was the one who was wrong, not those kids who were different. I have reservations about thinking asociety will ever get to a point where we can all agree, and that all we can, and should do is try and promote love, compassion and understanding in spite of our differences. Honestly, I don’t think our being different is the problem, but rather how we respond to our being different.

When I think about homosexuality (and everything else that is different from me), I try and empathize. I ask myself what would it mean to try and change my sexual orientation from straight to gay? I can’t even comprehend it, let alone do it. From discussing it with my homosexual friends (because, yes, I have discussed it with all of them) I’ve come to understand that it is the same for them.



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