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Hi Jim,

I don’t know that I would use the word ‘discredit’, but rather question; I question peoples thoughts, as I do my own. One of the prevailing things I’ve encountered here is people telling me they will never believe this or that because it is ‘secular wisdom’, or because it is not ‘biblical wisdom’. My biggest curiosity, at this point, is the mind that produces an ‘I will never change because I will never entertain the notion that anything else could be accurate’ attitude. I think when we cut ourselves off from the possibility that anything else could be true, we limit ourselves in a very unhealthy way.

As for my age, yes, I am fairly young. Young and full of youthful idealism, curiosity and energy, which I hope never fades away!

As for homosexual marriage: I think they should be allowed to, you don’t.

See, I didn’t try and discredit anything you said except that I would try and discredit you.

Have a great night,


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