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Kim Cabello

Hi, Ryan!

I am sorry I have been a little “hot” on this topic. I have a confession to make. Homosexuality is in my family and it not only destroyed that particular family, but its repercussions came back at all of us. You, I assume, have not lived the horror of someone close being a gay or lesbian, therefore, HOW can you agree that it is not wrong? It has deeply wounded our family and NOT because we refused to accept it, rather their children have destroyed their lives. One is a drug addict and the other is following in her sister’s footsteps. They both smoke (we are talking teens here) and sleep with any guy that will let them so they can PROVE that they are straight. Our cousin is humiliated because “she” (the lesbian) married him to have these children then left him to live with her girlfriend. Does this sound “right” to you? Children of gay and lesbian couples can be raised to have a decent life, but that is rare. I know a few, Ryan, and they hate the parent that is gay/lesbian. It is humiliating and requires these children to have to defend their parents to their classmates. Does this added stress breed healthy children? NO! And it will never be fully accepted, therefore, children of these “unions” will always have the added stress of their parents being “different.”

If you want the statistics that I posted about healthy children with a brighter more successful future in traditional families, you can find them anywhere on the web if you look up any of the alliances fighting for traditional families in America. They are everywhere! I do not feel I need to post references when you can easily check up on me.

God Bless, Ryan. I hope you found something interesting in the C.S. Lewis quotes I posted for you!


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