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Kim Cabello

Hi, Ryan!

I have been thinking a bit on what you said here…

“Are you married? If so, is your marriage simply the only way to satisfy a physical desire because, as Paul said, ‘it is better to marry than to burn’? Or is there more to it than the physical?”

I am not so sure you understand Christian marriage. You quoted a verse from Paul, “It is better to marry than to burn with passion.” For one thing, out of context of the passage, it can be looked at incorrectly as in the case of so many divorced Christians remarrying. Saint Paul said this to prevent men from disrespecting their finance. Our bodies are the temple of God’s holy Spirit, sexual fornication is SIN.

Anyway, marriage between a man and a woman is for the purpose of procreating children. If a couple cannot have children, it is God’s will and they will be used in other ways or they may have been put together for the purpose of adopting one of God’s elect children and raising them in the faith. But to get to your statement, yes, I married my husband to share physical love. Yet, it is more than the physical in that he is my best friend, the father of our boys, the provider of our family and God’s child who has a purpose to fulfill. If I wanted a mere social relationship, I would not have married. Rather my girlfriends act as just that, my social relationships, not physical. To desire a physical relationship with the same sex is a perversion of our desire to socialize with people of the same sex, to bond. Marriage is a physical and social relationship. What is your definition of a marriage as it sounds that physical love is not very important by your statement. It IS a marriage, a gift from our God for the marriage bed ONLY. That is precisely why so many people are delusioned; sex is no longer considered a sacred act between two married people. Homosexuality is an unhealthy desire, a LUSTING for anothers sex and nothing more. Marriage and homosexuality CANNOT exist, it is not marriage in the sense of what God created it for.

I just thought I’d answer your question. It probably doesn’t make a bit of difference to you, but I felt I should clue you in on marriage…A PHYSICAL relationship.

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