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Hi 2ND,

It’s good to hear from you, I hope you are doing well.

“My father for example is not a Christian but he still thinks that a homosexual is sick in the head and that’s why they have chosen this particular lifestyle. He thinks it’s a mental health condition.”

You could show him my last post where I quote the American Psychological Association that states quite definitively that homosexuality is not a mental health condition.

“I have even heard one man say that a gay man needs to have the living you know what beat out of him to straighten him up and make a man out of him.”

Violence and violent emotions are typically good indicator’s of two things: ignorance and insecurity. A person who doesn’t feel they are capable of expressing themselves, or don’t feel they have anything worthy to express, will often times respond to a situation with a defensive, physical tactic to draw attention from their inability to communicate or produce a rational thought. People who are prone to ‘appeals to force’ (ad bacculum logical fallacy) rather than appeals to reason usually don’t have the ability to reason, or they are struggling with severe emotional problems which they should seek proffesional help for (this is a mental health condition).

“My question is, why is this particular lifestyle suddenly right and normal when it has been considered wrong and abnormal for centuries?”

Slavery and torture were considered right and normal for a long time. Women were considered property, or business deals (know what a dowry is?). Just because something is considered wrong for a long time doesn’t imply that it is wrong. Throughout history, people have looked to find scapegoats (it seems part of human nature to not accept responsibility for ourselves and to place the blame on someone or some group): women, blacks, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Asians, etc. etc., at one time, or many times, have been blamed for the ‘ills’ of society and persecuted, deprived of rights and many other atrocious things.

The divorce rate in this country is somewhere between 50-60 percent right now, which includes Christians too. Yet we have groups up in arms screaming that if homosexuals are allowed to marry it will ruin the sanctity of marriage! Guess what? The current success rate of marriage implies that the ‘sanctity’ of marriage was destroyed a long time ago! But if homosexuals are granted the right to marry the people they love, which I think they should be, then my prophesy is that the divorce rate will be blamed on them (it already seems that it is starting to go that way). Homosexuals aren’t the problem. They account for roughly 5-10% of the population, so even if they had the same divorce rate as straight people, they would only influence the overall statistic by 2.5-6%. Honestly, just for your own reflection, how would Adam and Steve getting married have any effect on you at all? Probably about the same as an African-American person sitting on the same bus as you.

“I have known a few lesbains in my lifetime and each one had some sort of emotional problem caused by being involved in abusive relationships with men. All of these particular women were prone to suicide and each of them had an eating disorder.”

As if straight women don’t suffer from abusive relationships and eating disorders too? I know many homosexual people, male and female, and none of them have any emotional or mental problems whatsoever. I’ve donated money to gay and lesbian rights groups and you know what the biggest problem they have is? That certain institutions and people try and make them feel like they are less than human because they’re gay (the same thing done to blacks, Jews, etc. etc.), and that can be hard for any person to deal with, but it is something no person or group should have to deal with. Narnia spoke of perversion, well, treating other human beings that way is the only perverse thing I see, and I think anyone who engages in such behavior should be ashamed of themselves.

“This may sound harsh but I just think it’s disgusting to see a man kissing a man or a woman kissing a woman.”

Know what? It’s not something I am really interested in seeing. But then again I’m not really interested in seeing straight people kiss either. However, it isn’t my decision, or my place to make that call. If I don’t like it, then I can turn my head, turn my cheek as it were. The other alternative is too arrogant for me; and if I was a God-fearing man, I would be afraid to put myself on that pedestal.

Think about this: do you think God, being the very definition of love, would approve of his children acting this way towards his other children- degrading them, belittling them, calling them perverse? If God is the only judge, and doesn’t like arrogant human’s trying to appoint themselves to that position, then what is he going to say to those who do when the time comes for them to meet him? If homosexuality is wrong in God’s eyes, he will deal with it himself, when he see’s fit. But if it isn’t wrong in his eyes, then I wouldn’t want to be the one to play judge, the one to play God.

‘Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.’

Have a beautiful evening,


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