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Jesus you are able to forgive, you never give a deaf ear to anyone who in faith calls upon your name seeking help and you are a strong foundation-Sabrinah can depend on you and never be let down, LORD you are the one who gives us true happiness and joy in our lives through the Holy Spirit, Jesus you are the light of the world, Jesus you are able to deliver Sabrinah from hurt and darkness, she mentions Joe, LORD you know who Joe is.But God i ask that you please help my dear sister to know your word and your way, save her LORd, heal her heart and show her the way to joy and happiness, let her give her life to you and to you alone, let her not seek to be made happy by the vain things of these dark age.father we know you sent your son so he could die for her sins, your blood Jesus i speak upon her In the Name of Jesus Christ.

King of Kings i love you and i thankyou because of Sabrinah and because of all others who are hurting in the world, LORD give them comfort but most importantly save them from sins in the name of Jesus Christ.

Christ i pray in Jesus’ mighty name..amen

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