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Hi Brandon,

God Bless You. You’re strong and I admire that. It’s not easy trying to overcome all those things. Just know that the Lord is always with you even during the toughest times. Remember God loves you no matter what and He has a great big plan for your life. If you fall just get up again and keep looking up. I know your life is very hard. Don’t ever look back or let the enemy lie to you. If the memories come back shove them out of your mind. Keep your mind filled with all of God’s promises. Someone told me to memorize all the scriptures where God tells me who I am in Him. You are a new creature and all our sins are washed away.

You are the son of the King making you a PRINCE. Try to surround yourself with positive people, go to a bible preaching church and stand 10 feet tall. Stay away from people who do drugs. I know you want to help save them, but right now they’ll drag you down with them. Wait till God leads you to help them, for now just pray for them. You’re a winner!!! And Jesus Loves you, hang on to Him. He’ll give you the strength to say NO when temptation comes again. Write back to us even if things are not right with you. Did you ever see Joel Osteen on TV?

Big Hugs!!!

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