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My Dearest Brandon:

Wow! You are a true warrior for not giving up and for keeping your hand on the Lord when you fell back into the pit. Brandon, I battle a mental health disorder and I face the frequent relapse, but each time I relapsed the Lord pulled me in closer. I come from a history of sexual abuse that has occurred at different periods in my life. My last sexual assault occurred several years ago when I had just come to know Christ. My faith weakened and I was stumbling away from Christ after that last assault. I knew that if I lost Him that I would lose at living in victory.

I encourage you to read my testimony/witness which I have posted in my blog and in the Testimony forum. It’s titled “The Three Sparrows.” It explains what I’ve gone through – my waining faith, and my struggle to get Christ back in me.

Church and bible study is so important. The word of God is nourishment and we need that to grow strong in Chirst. The stronger we are in Christ the stronger we become. Strength is Christ in us. I read devotionals and any Christian book that I can find at the thrift shop that I can learn from and grow in knowledge and understanding of the word. I listen to nothing but Christian music now. It keeps me focused on Christ. I commune often with the Lord by taking jogs outdoors. I look for Him in nature. I seek Him in every breath and in everything. These are the things I started doing and it was this hard work that allowed me to finally connect with Christ and get Him into my heart, soul and mind. Shema – means one with God. Prayer (talking to God about anything and everything) is so important. He hears and He answers.

Seek his face. Seek Him with all your heart, soul and mind. It’s work but the blessings overflow as a result.

You are a warrior. Battle on Christian soldier. Victory is yours in Christ. Cling to Him. You will become so spirit-filled that you will find “joy in all circumstances.”

Battle on, don’t look back. Stay in the present (the now) because that is what God has given us. He has given us right now. Battle on. Look up my Christian brother.

In Christ,


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